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Research & Analysis

"What kind of earning value can I expect from my invention?"
"How can I locate a strategic partner or a licensee for my patents?"

You need information to run an enterprise or to get a product to market. I routinely develop market assessments and perform the research necessary to identify highly qualified licensing prospects. One recent task was to profile manufacturers and distributors for a specialty concrete material. My client and I developed life cycle costing and a bill of materials to demonstrate the potential return on investment to prospective licensees. The end result has included multiple patent and trademark licenses with a variety of industry players. I will put my resourcefulness to work for you to develop information targeted at your "need-to-know".


Communications & Licensing

"Has my research proposal met the RFP specifications?"
"How should I handle negotiations with a licensee?"

Communications is the core of any enterprise. I can meet your needs through traditional means or through the latest innovations of electronic media. Clients are often skilled at connecting with licensing prospects but need assistance to close a deal. In my past experience as a contract insurance claims specialist, I negotiated claims by the dozens to achieve complex legal settlements on the behalf of my clients. In the invention industry, I have successfully concluded many license agreements, guiding my clients from start to finish -- from setting licensing goals to expressing those goals in a polished agreement. I constantly upgrade my licensing skills through membership in the distinguished Licensing Executive's Society International and by continuing education efforts to maintain my Certified Licensing Professional designation.

IP & Commercialization Strategies

"What are the options for protecting my idea while I develop and market it?"
"How do I lay out a commercialization plan?"

Regardless of size or orientation, each enterprise has special needs to be met. The range of my experience is comprehensive. I have and managed grant proposals for arts, medical, religion and recreational non-profit organizations, and for the vastly different demands of many research and development organizations. I have served as project manager for technical projects, and have enjoyed teaming with an author to connect him with literary markets. I have successfully managed DCAA audits, and have performed technical editing for publications. I have managed the protection of intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. I work extensively under contract to perform small business coaching on behalf of the Montana State Department of Commerce. I also contract to represent U.S. Department of Defense technology transition interests, and U.S. Department of Energy commercialization efforts. You can achieve a competitive edge by tapping into the value of my diverse experience in commercialization and intellectual property management.

Research Funding

"How do I get started in the SBIR program?"
"What are data rights and how do I find SBIR Phase III opportunities?"

I have extensive resources and experience in the SBIR/STTR programs. Bring me in to consult with your staff. We will work together to develop a research funding strategy and determine the best means for implementing a successful plan.

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